Lepus Timidus aka the Mountain hare!

Updated: Mar 9

Last week I had the opportunity to spend time with an award winning photographer, Kevin Morgans in the Highlands of Scotland. He helped me to develop my skills photographing hares in winter conditions and taught me a great deal about the hares behaviour. I got a few great photos that day but the weather was changing fast and we both had to get off the mountain side and home safe before the storm hit.

I left that day inspired and wanting to return.

A few days later a trip planned abroad was called off last minute so the obvious thing to do was to go back to the Highlands!

This time i had 4 days of holidays so I booked a pod near by my planned location, packed lots of food and went up to see the hares every day ( running and reading in between)

The weather changed every minute from sunshine and glittery snow to artic icy winds and snow showers. The Hares didn't seem to care about the weather or this daft woman trying to hide in the snow photographing them. I never disturbed them and always made sure I crept slowly towards them and slowly away after taking my photos.

I used my trustee Nikon D500 and a 200-500 lens which allowed me to keep a good distance. This set up had to be carried up and down the mountain so I only took the one lens ....I needed room in my bag for sandwiches obviously!

I’m writing this blog on my last night in my pod listening to an owl outside. I will be sad to leave this beautiful area but I will be back again very soon.

I don’t think I could ever get bored of photographing the Lupis Timidus

*the photos I have shared below and above

are straight from my camera as I have no access to my computer till I get home but I wanted to one with you now. I will post a full gallery on my webpage next week.

Mandy x